Company Leadership

Danielle Boggio, CRNA, MSA

Anesthesia Solutions Owner since 2003 – Practitioner & Clinical Leadership

 With over 23 years of patient care experience, Danielle has been a CRNA since 1995. She received her BSN from the University of Vermont and earned her Masters in Anesthesia at the University of New England.

 Danielle’s career providing anesthesia services as a CRNA includes working at such facilities as UMMS Shock Trauma and Johns Hopkins Hospital, as well as numerous other hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. She is active in The Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA), serving on MANA’s Education & Programs Committee (2014-2018), Chair of MANA’s Education & Programs Committee (2016-2018), and a Director of Maryland District V (2016-18). As well as serving as a professional speaker with Merck.

 In addition to a wide variety of clinical experience, Danielle oversees all aspects of the company while maintaining a focus on developing professional relationships between our client facilities and our professional staff.  She oversees the CRNA scheduling, works with the practitioners and client facility administrators to maintain communication and professionalism.  

 Danielle’s belief is that working with our group, “you become part of our team”. Our style is collaborative and supportive – we strive for career balance for all of our Practitioners. As a CRNA affiliated with all of our client healthcare facilities, she is able to bring first-hand knowledge of the staff, caseload, and OR environment within our various surgical settings.

mobile: 410-703-8858

John Boggio

Operations Leadership & Management

 John began and grew his early career in the Financial Markets on Wall Street after studying Economics and Business Administration at the University of Vermont. When Anesthesia Solutions needed his Financial Management, Operations insight, and leadership, Danielle quickly recruited her husband to join the Team!

 In addition to managing the financial operations of the practice, John also manages Facility Agreements, Practitioner Contracts, oversees the practitioner credentialing process while continuing to build-out the staffing division of nurses and surgical techs to our outpatient surgery centers.

mobile: 410-703-9111