Our Clients and Practitioners are our toughest critics.

I have had the pleasure of working with John and his team of professionals at Anesthesia Solutions for over 6 years. They are always professional, responsive, helpful and courteous. His team of candidates is top notch. On more than one occasion, they have helped me out of a last minute staffing bind. Colleen H

Nurse Administrator

I have had a relationship with Anesthesia Solutions since 2004, and have worked exclusively with them since 2008. They are quintessential professionals. John and Danielle are both uniquely qualified for what they do. Their staff is prompt, efficient and supportive. You submit your own availability, and schedules are release well in advance.

More importantly, you feel part of a great big family. I have administered Anesthesia for almost 50 years and am honored to have worked with their company. They are well recognized and respected locally as well as the entire Mid Atlantic region. I highly recommend their service to any Anesthesia provider looking for a uniquely tailored and rewarding work experience. Sheila P.


Working at Anesthesia Solutions is a great pleasure and privilege. I started working for Anesthesia Solutions in 2012. Danielle has been able to assign me to great locations and I’ve been able to maintain these working relationship over the years. The communication between the entire staff is excellent. I look forward to my future with the company. Meika B.


I am a CRNA and I have worked with Anesthesia Solutions since 2008. This company makes every effort to create a schedule according to your life style as an independent contractor – whether you want to work full time or just part time to supplement your income with a few shifts per month. Anesthesia Solutions miraculously keeps in mind your preferences and skills and makes assignments based on your individual wishes.

The tedious process of New credentialing and Re-credentialing is made simpler with the help of the office personnel. The team creates a binder of all my necessary documents to help me stay on top of things when they need renewal in addition to taking the burden off of me and forwarding the information to my work locations for me! Elena V


I have worked with Anesthesia Solutions since June 2016. It has been a very positive experience where each provider has been fully competent and well received by physicians and staff. I have been impressed with the administrative end of business that is handled by John. He is quick to respond and is proactive in facilitating the credentialing process. Danielle has been very vigorous in her efforts to fill our staffing needs. She has “bailed us out” a couple of times. The large pool of professionals gives Anesthesia Solutions a greater flexibility to fill most staffing needs. The staffing website is easy to use. I would highly recommend Anesthesia Solutions without reservation. Phyllis S., RN, BSN, CGRN

Center Leader

Danielle Boggio and her team have been very helpful providing our facility with CRNA’s. Their online system is well organized thus making it easy to schedule and view services. They have pertinent documents on-line facilitating the credentialing process. Their staff is prompt and very committed to excellent patient care. We appreciate Anesthesia Solutions attentiveness and personalized focus on our needs. Pamela I.


I have been working with Anesthesia Solutions for a few years now. The beauty of this company is that you can work as little or as much as you want. Before I had my daughter, Julia I was much more interested in working OT for extra money. Now that I am busy, and still have another full time job, working with them has been less frequent, but I am still in their system and can work anytime if I needed.

Danielle and John are very easy to reach by phone, text, or e-mail. They respond very quickly and it’s nice to have that personal touch of being able to communicate by e-mail. I have never had to wait more then 15 minutes to get a response from either of them. They are very professional and I always got same day pay. They are very modern as far as being able to put your schedule in the computer or text them if your interested in a shift. All the locations they send you to have friendly, easy-going staff that compared to the hospital I work at, it doesn’t even seem like work. Everyone at the sites are helpful and you never feel lost or confused as to what your role is.

The staff are all very professional and seem to work very easily with Anesthesia Solutions Providers. I would and have recommended this company to my nursing friends and to any nurse interested in being treated well and having a low stress, fun job!

Patrizia D.


As an experienced CRNA, Anesthesia Solutions provides me with a variety of anesthesia practice settings, where I can implement and expand my scope of practice. Anesthesia Solutions is well known among facilities throughout the community.
The Credentialing Process is streamlined and efficient. They provide pertinent information for each facility of practice. Anesthesia Solutions made my transition to Maryland Anesthesia practice fulfilling and successful. Darrel


I have had the pleasure of working with Anesthesia Solutions over the past ten months. They are a very organized, dedicated, and a very professional group of CRNA’s. If we have questions/concerns, they are always willing to listen and have been super helpful in always trying to get us staffing whenever we need it at any time.

It is a very smooth, organized process as far as The Endoscopy Center of North Baltimore credentialing the CRNA’s through Anesthesia Solutions.

This is because of the high quality, and dedication that Danielle and John put into the business that makes it such a success. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Anesthesia Solutions. Kim G

Nurse Administrator

I have been working for Anesthesia Solutions since February 2016. My experience with the staff has been wonderful. I appreciate that I can post my availability online and be notified promptly of a choice of assignments that are available. John Boggio (Mgmt and Operations Director) always helps me find a new assignment when a center cancels my shift unexpectedly or if I suddenly become available (from my regular job), at the last minute. The staff at Anesthesia Solutions are professional in their communication with me. I was referred by a friend who was also referred by another friend and I cannot stop raving about this company with friends.

Adefolake Jagun-Adebola