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Lifestyle. Flexibility. Variety. Support.

We are dedicated to linking professionals like you to diverse nationwide opportunities. Our expansive array of locations across the country each offer their own unique and dynamic environment. The power is in your hands to choose both the location and the type of practice, while ensuring the delivery of safe and excellent patient care!


Let's find your ideal package together!

To navigate a constantly evolving market, we keep a pulse on anesthesia staffing trends. Our passion and commitment is negotiating with our clients to offer the best rates and expenses possible. We strive to provide competitive pay, guaranteed hours, malpractice coverage, travel expenses, and incentive bonuses.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your paperwork in one place?

We think so, too. Using Anesthesia Solutions' custom provider portal, we'll maintain all of your credentialing and licensing documents. We'll also help relieve some of the hassle of credentialing by collaborating with facilities on your behalf to obtain privileges.


It's Your Career & Your Schedule!

We understand how important it is to find the right schedule. We negotiate with our clients to accommodate your needs and establish the workweek you're seeking for your career!

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Quick Invoicing: Because Time is Money!

Payment is quick and easy - our portal will guide you through entering your timesheet and invoice for quick deposit into your account!

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 VP of Operations: Melissa Garcia

 CEO: Danielle Boggio, CRNA, MSA

Our agency is one of the few with a CRNA founder and CEO who understands ​your anesthesia practice and profession. Our recruiting, credentialing, and accounting teams are driven to ​work for you; negotiating the perfect locum or permanent position to maximize your career.

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